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Fresh Start for Kids Video 1

Fresh Start Hyperbaric in Edgewood, WA is doing a campaign to help kids who need hyperbaric oxygen treatments but can’t afford it. This video is of Mark and his adopted mother Fay. Mark has autism and is on medication for OCD, ADD, and Tourrettes syndrome. He has had problems since birth after his birth mother abused meth and alcohol during pregnancy. His family wishes he didn’t have to take medication but they can’t afford alternative treatment and he can’t function without it. This is where Fresh Start Hyperbaric is helping. They have chosen Mark as this year’s recipient for “A Fresh Start for Kids” campaign. How does it work? “Like” the Fresh Start Hyperbarics Facebook page and they will donate one dive for every 50 new “Likes.” “Share” this on your wall and they will donate another dive for every 20 shares for up to 40 dives. If you want to donate money to the “Fresh Start for Kids” cause visit on http://www.databarevents.com.

Our history


Our family found hyperbaric oxygen therapy in 2010 when we were looking for ways to help our ailing grandparents who were suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia. We soon discovered the added benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and the long list of conditions that could be treated. We used the hyperbaric chamber ourselves and found results with various ailments within our family and among our friends. My autistic son saw a breakthrough with communication. A friend with diabetes saw astounding results where he saw his legs turn from black and blue to pink in weeks. It was amazing to see results without any negative side effects. While there are cautions to hyperbaric oxygen therapy there are few side effects unlike the prescription drugs prescribed to treat these medical conditions. As a family, we decided to open Fresh Start Hyperbaric to bring the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy closer to home. Now our friends and neighbors of Edgewood, Milton, Sumner and the surrounding community don’t have to travel to enjoy the benefits of mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The Fresh Start Hyperbaric clinic offers a place to come for mild hyperbaric treatments in a soft chamber. We use 95% oxygen and a pressure of 4.2 PSI. Fresh Start Hyperbaric is also a distributor for clients looking to purchase their own hyperbaric chamber equipment.