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Video Testimonial: Autism and Hyperbaric

Autism and mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This is a video testimonial from a father with an autistic son. Tells of how mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy helped his autistic son become verbal, handle social settings and reduce meltdowns. The Fresh Start Hyperbaric clinic is in Edgewood, Washington. http://www.freshstarthyperbaric.com

The Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Benefit of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO) in PVD:

•HBO relieves pain
•HBO reduces swelling and inflammation
•HBO improves sensitivity and reduces numbness – neuropathy
•HBO triggers new capillary formation for improved local circulation and blood supply
•HBO improves quality of blood and prevents blood clotting and chances of thrombosis
•HBO eliminates toxic substances that were accumulated due to poor circulation and hypoxia
•HBO enhances immune system response and increases the effect of antibiotics
•HBO prevents and reduces infection rate
•HBO reduces incidence of ulcer development
•HBO stimulates production of stem cell