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Patient Appreciation Day Open House

take care of your bodyYou are invited to the Fresh Start Hyperbaric’s Patient Appreciation Day OPEN HOUSE on April 13 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Bring your friends. Everyone is welcome! It’s FREE!


The wellness center will have:

*DoTerra essential oil
*Zyto Scans
*Free chair massages
*Try the infrared half sauna
*Free foot baths
*Fill up your water bottle with oxygen infused Langenburg water.

Learn more about hyperbaric oxygen therapy and Brain Fit therapy and training,

Fresh Start Hyperbaric
2908 Meridian Ave E, Ste 102, Edgewood, Washington 98371

(In the same building as Sillito Chiropractic. Enter into the Sillito Chiropractic office and down the hall to Fresh Start Hyperbaric.)

Fresh Start for Kids Video 1

Fresh Start Hyperbaric in Edgewood, WA is doing a campaign to help kids who need hyperbaric oxygen treatments but can’t afford it. This video is of Mark and his adopted mother Fay. Mark has autism and is on medication for OCD, ADD, and Tourrettes syndrome. He has had problems since birth after his birth mother abused meth and alcohol during pregnancy. His family wishes he didn’t have to take medication but they can’t afford alternative treatment and he can’t function without it. This is where Fresh Start Hyperbaric is helping. They have chosen Mark as this year’s recipient for “A Fresh Start for Kids” campaign. How does it work? “Like” the Fresh Start Hyperbarics Facebook page and they will donate one dive for every 50 new “Likes.” “Share” this on your wall and they will donate another dive for every 20 shares for up to 40 dives. If you want to donate money to the “Fresh Start for Kids” cause visit on

Video Testimonial: Autism and Hyperbaric

Autism and mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This is a video testimonial from a father with an autistic son. Tells of how mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy helped his autistic son become verbal, handle social settings and reduce meltdowns. The Fresh Start Hyperbaric clinic is in Edgewood, Washington.